The latest video of Stuart with Dale Ann Bradley, this past weekend at the Pennyroyal Opera House  in Fairview, Ohio.

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Big news today from APD radio indicator charts, Stuart's first two download singles to Bluegrass/Folk radio has gone number 1 and number 2. The singles are Stitzenburg Breakdown number 1 and Little Moonshine Johnny is number 2.
APD Global Radio Indicator Charts ™
Top 50 Singles - Today, (as of 4:44pm Wednesday, March 16th 2016)
"STITZENBURG BREAKDOWN" is #1 and "LITTLE MOONSHINE JOHNNY" is #2 on AirPlay Directs TOP 50 SINGLES Chart today...

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...Nice quote from Bob Mitchell on "Stitzenburg Breakdown":
"Stuart Wyrick knows his way around the neck of a banjo. His latest instrumental single, "STITZENBURG BREAKDOWN” is an amazing display of fancy fingerwork on a feisty melody that will get your toes tapping. It’s a good ‘un." - Bob Mitchell, DJ

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